April 10th, 2008

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is it just me or is Paula getting so da** annoying with knocking the other judges opinions if they don't agree with her? I'm sorry, but if everytime I opposed to someones opinion when it was *my* turn to speak and that person kept trying to cut me off, I woulda been hella pissed....Paula looked as though Simon was out of line for telling her to calm down but seriously...sit there shut up and listen...geez, can it really be that hard?

The Miley Cyrus Show...er, I mean Idol Gives Back in 3 sentences

1. Opening Number: How pleased with herself was that dancer who got to grab on David C? lol

2. Teri Hatcher singing "Before He Cheats": caused my ears to ring and then leak blood and then I had a convulsion and then I mercifully passed out, and then I woke up and thought, "Man, I just had a horrible dream that Teri Hatcher sang and then butchered my favorite Carrie Underwood song!" and then I realized it actually happened and then I cried.

3. Idols taking pledges on the phone: There's David Hernandez trying frantically to get some attention, there's Brooke looking a little too thin, there's Jason looking beautiful, and there's Syesha trying to get as much face time with the camera as she can before she gets the boot tonight.

Top 3 moments:
The Manning brothers in Louisiana (but that's just 'cuz I'm a football fanatic)
Forest Whitaker and wife re: Malaria (cryfest #1 for ole Trillian)
Annie Lennox with those 4 brothers (WEEPfest for ole Trillian)

Bottom 3
The above-mentioned Teri Hatcher absolute fiasco of a performance
Dane Cook being sorely underused
Idols singing my most hated of all musical songs in the history of musicals "Seasons of Love" from Rent. (But then the Davids and Jason had solo bits and all was right with the world.)

I hope that show raised a bazillion dollars and that next year they raise a bazillion more.
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Different judges?

Obviously, the judges' contracts don't last forever.

Recently on all those god awful celebrity gossip shows, I've been hearing a lot of rumors about Paula wanting to leave Idol to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

This got me wondering.

How would you feel about a season with different judges? What judges do you want to stay? Leave? Although some people believe that Idol has "jumped the shark" already, would this be the kiss of death?

Or would it be better?

Personally, I hope that Paula leaves. Idol has achieved the status where they can get another, BETTER, female singer/performer as a judge. I'm apathetic about Randy (I bet he'd be the one out of all of them to stay, just because he has nothing else really going on in his life, though), but I'd be sad if Simon left. Simon is THE reality show judge of reality show judges. He's the reason there has to be at least one bitch on every judging panel.

I can't say that I'm a fan of Simon or anything, but I feel that the show would suffer without him on it.

I know a lot of people love Paula and the "chemistry" between her and Simon (she's the reason whythere has to be that annoyingly nice and not-very-helpful judge on every reality show), but I guess what I'm trying to say is that Idol can cope without her or Randy. I think a lack of Simon -- even if the show's quality is just as fine or better -- hurts the show most.

BTW, sorry if this has been posted (a lot) before. Either way, I think it would still be a good discussion? Haha.
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TiVo can predict Idol eliminations?

If you want to place bets on "Idol" in Vegas, we think we found a way you could score millions of bucks.

TiVo may have cracked the mystery of who gets kicked off and who doesn't. Company insiders say they can predict who's not connecting by TiVo usage.

Here's the deal. In a sample of 20,000 users, TiVo monitors traffic -- which contestants get replayed (a sign of popularity) and which one's get fast-forwarded.

You think it's bogus? Well, the TiVo system has nailed who got booted four weeks in a row.

And who does TiVo say is getting the ax tonight?Collapse )

this is my first post.

Hi, everybody.

I have a hypothetical question.  Before I present it, I should say that I am a Christian but I do not share my beliefs with others (although some would argue that that very practice defines a Christian, but anyway...).

How would you feel as a contestant on Idol being asked to sing songs about God and Jesus?

(Does anyone feel a little uncomfortable with this?)

60 million bucks?!  WOW.

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Discussion Post: Episode 7.30 - Top 7 Results Show

Discussion Post: Episode 7.30
Top 7 Results Show - One finalist goes home!

• This is the official discussion post for tonight's episode.
• Please remember to abide by the community rules when posting.
• If there are any issues in the comments of this post, please let us know at idolmod.
• All other posts will be moderated as usual, and any posts that contain spoilers but no cut tag will be rejected.
• Please include subject lines in your comments to make viewing easier for those who watch the show after its initial airing.
• As the show airs, I will list the Bottom 3 contestants under the cut.

There will be spoilers in the comments!

Predicted Bottom 3:
(From lifeofbai's community poll)
1. Syesha Mercado (91%)
2. Carly Smithson (75.5%)
3. Kristy Lee Cook (62.2%)

Predicted Elimination: Syesha Mercado (53.2%)

Actual Bottom 3 & Going Home - Spoilers!Collapse )