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American Idol on LJ.

The search for a superstar.

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American Idol on LJ
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Welcome to the first ever community for fans of FOX's American Idol!

This community is currently maintained by lion and blackbird_fly, and co-moderated by trillian4210, pabloreynoso and djl4c.

The updated FAQ for Season 6 can be found here. Please read it over before posting questions to the community. As Season 7 progresses, the FAQ will be updated to include relevant information.

Community Rules
Please read over and respect these rules so your posts will not be deleted.

1. This LJ community was designed to be a respectful, light-hearted, fun forum, and everyone is strongly encouraged to state their opinions in a kind manner.

2. If your post contains spoilers (ie. information about the show that has just aired that contains voting results, etc. that people on the West Coast haven't seen yet), you MUST use a cut tag. Posts will be deleted without question if one is not used.

3. Feel free to state your opinions respectfully.

4. Put long entries, entries that may offend, entries containing polls, and especially entries with pictures, behind a cut tag. This is absolutely necessary as pictures take a long time to load on dial-up connections .

5. Do not exhibit sexism, racism, homophobia, or other ignorant attitudes in this community. If you are reported to a moderator and the complaints are found to be valid, you will be banned.

6. Do not be rude or disrespectful to your fellow community members. Diss the contestants, not the opinions of community members.

7. Feel free to leave feedback, complaints, concerns, etc. on the post at idolmod. (Please DO NOT comment the personal journals of any of the moderators.)

8. Off topic posts along with icons and/or layout requests including community introductions will be deleted because people cannot discuss anything, unless they have something to do with American Idol.

9. Community promotional posts are not allowed. If you have an American Idol community, please comment here and we will add it to the list in the community profile, along with posting the link in a post dedicated to community links.

10. Starting this season, all posts in the community will be moderated, which means they won't show up in the community until one of the moderators approves it. If you want your post to be approved, make sure it's substantial enough (no one-sentence posts allowed as far as discussions, unless it's a question) and that you've followed the group rules here, especially the ones about USING A CUT TAG.

11. If you aren't able to watch show and insist on asking for help on where to see what you missed, your post MUST BE FRIENDS LOCKED.

12. Do not disable the comments on your posts. This community is here for the sole person of discussion, and that can't happen if you disable comments, no matter what your reasoning is for doing so. Your post will be deleted if you disallow comments.

As long as you respect these rules, the community will run smoothly. We're looking forward to a great season! Have fun!

Season 8 Communities:
coming soon!

Do you have one? Post it in a comment to this post and it will be added to the list. All other community promotion posts will be rejected.

Important Posts
Community Elimination Hopes & Predictions
FAQ & Rules
Reference Post
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